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Get the best deals on zeiss telephoto camera lens for sony when you shop the largest online selection at. But its also much lighter than the fastest medium teles, and faster and more convenient than the smallest. Since its sharp in the focal plane even at f2 the subject is snappy, and this contrasts nicely with the quite decent bokeh for such. Maybe not a big enough difference to surpass the otus, but tests will tell. Ive actually owned several 40mm lenses canon ef 40mm f2. The lens barrel has a black anodized satin finish that is very handsome. The lens elements are made from various special glass types in order to deliver superior image quality, which lets the high resolution of in the case of our test the sony a7r ii come into its own. The zeiss batis 240 cf is a lens of a very popular focal length. Its current range of lenses consists of topquality fixed focallength primes that are divided into curiouslynamed families depending on the type of camera theyre designed to fit.

In any case, it should be easy to remove via software. An extremely uniform image quality is ensured right into the corners of the image. Testing and thoughts zeiss batis 25mm f2 in 4k youtube. The zeiss batis 25mm is an autofocus focus wide angle lens that can be used with any of the sony mirrorless cameras e or fe. To test distortion, i shot some straight lines with both lenses and the results were as expected. Introduction zeiss is one of the grandest old names in all of photography, having been making optical instruments since 1847. If you currently own one of sonys fullframe mirrorless cameras, then you have access to the zeiss batis 85mm f1.

A grain of sand is huge in comparison to this dust. Zeiss batis 240 cf after the firmware update phillipreeve. Its advisable to give this lens a test drive with a rented model before you purchase the lens. The branches in the background form one of the most difficult patterns for nice bokeh a classic torture test. The aspheric lens design ensures consistently high image quality over the whole image field and a sharpness that extends right to the edges of the. In case you bought the batis 5 you probably lost half of the invested money the day the gm 5 was released. If you look closely at the mtf charts by both lenses, you will see that the batis lens is.

It is the 4th batis lens and joins the 18, 25 and 85mm autofocus primes. First look updating a triedandtrue optical design for use with fullframe sony emount mirrorless cameras, the batis 85mm f1. As such you get a near 24mm on the a7 models, and a near 35mm equivalent on the a6xxx models. Without any software corrections, the batis looks more controlled for distortion than the fe does even with its lr software profile activated. There are no switches or markings other than the lens designation. Autofocus zeiss lenses like the batis series are one reason to choose a sony mirrorless camera system over competing brands. In the case of that mirrorless camera the decency level is situated near 3840 lpmm and the best fixed focal length lenses can. Even the focusing ring is smooth rubber, devoid of. The zeiss batis 40mm f2 cf is a short standard prime lens designed for sony emount mirrorless cameras. The zeiss batis 225 wideangle lens has ten lens elements in eight groups and draws on the zeiss distagon optical design. There is some vignetting but it can easily be removed with lightroom or another raw editing software.

The 40mm focal length falls between more common 35mm and 50mm models, but is closer to normal coverage on a fullframe system, while the close focusing distance makes it more useful than many rivals. Four of the lens elements are aspheric on both sides and five are made from special types of glass. Introduction the zeiss batis 25mm f2 features a 9blade circular aperture diaphragm and an f2 f22 aperture range. We can never get enough copies when theyre first released and by the. The new lens, which features a diagonal angular field of 99 degrees, is currently the shortest fullframe fixed focal length with autofocus.

Ive had this lens now for a few months and i thought i would give you guys and idea of what it looks like and some sample images, and what i think about it. The sony does pretty well from a resolution standpoint in the center where its as good or perhaps a tiny bit better than the batis, but away from the center, the batis shines, maintaining its sharpness well and with little astigmatism. The lens sits in the test chamber and the powder swirls around the lens for hours. This is a very subjective and nonscientific lens test, but here are my impressions about the different looks between the batis. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links, which help support our testing. Still if you take into account its register distance for the sony fe mount its 18 mm you see that a retrofocus construction must have been applied here or, more precisely, a classic distagon. Zeiss batis lenses vs gm lenses vs sony lenses vs samyang. Introduction the blogosphere melted down with frustration when the 5mm batis was announced.

The zeiss batis autofocus lenses were specially developed for mirrorless, fullframe sensor cameras from sony. You can also select a camera to see the results for all the lenses tested on it. Quite simply, the zeiss batis 40mm f2 cf is a wonderful standard lens for sony fullframe mirrorless users. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. With a focal length of 85 mm, the lens is the perfect companion for portrait, event, and wedding photography. The resolution test resolution meaning the mtf50 function values of the zeiss batis 25 mm f2 was based on raw files from the sony a7r ii. Get the best deals on camera lenses zeiss batis when you shop the largest online selection at. The lens is the perfect companion for shooting landscapes, architecture, street scenes and photojournalism. The best negative example is the batis 5 a lens i highly dislike only f2.

This is another beautiful zeiss lens, and, while it is on the larger size, still balances nicely on the a7r ii body that i was using to test it. Yes the lens cap is not th best ever and the hood is plastic, but lets be honest plastic is the best materials for cameras. Recently i had the opportunity to get the sony fe 85mm f1. The main reason we measure this way is that weve written software to give us an easy way. Zeiss telephoto camera lens for sony for sale ebay. When my followers found out i had the lens one of the first things they asked me to do was to compare the new lens against the sought after zeiss batis 85mm f1. It has to be said, that zeiss lenses have that little extra something above the. Mounted to my a7rii 640 g, the weight is fairly balanced in my hands. It captures an angle of view thats just a little wider than a standard. The batis line is a slight departure for zeiss, in that theyre modernstyle autofocus lenses. The image quality it delivers is about as close to flawless as you could hope, with superb detail rendition and minimal aberrations. Zeiss batis 25mm and 85mm handson, plus fe 28mm f2. Nevertheless zeiss batis lenses passed all the tests.

Construction is an allmetal casting, which is both dust and moistureresistant, and weighing in at 335 grams with a 92mm barrel length, its a nicelybalanced lens mounted on. Apochromatic lenses have special lens elements aspheric, extralow dispersion etc to minimize the problem, hence. Already the first test revealed that the batis still showed frontfocusing. Its closeup shooting ability is handy too, although its not a substitute for a true macro lens. Its advisable to give this lens a test drive with a rented model before you. The lenses are fully compatible with all emount cameras and offer not only fast, quiet autofocus, but also protection against dust and weather. After the simulation is shut off, the powder settles and at the end the lens is totally covered. Very useful for things like weddings and wonderful portraiture. Its expensive, but you cant argue with the results it delivers.

Dxomarks comprehensive camera lens test result database allows you to browse and select lenses for comparison based on their characteristics, brand, price, lens type, lens size, focal range and aperture. The weatherproof fullframe lens is sculpted to an elegant and smooth design. They have been adapted to work with the camera to form a compact, lightweight system that doesnt compromise on performance. Dustin abbotts latest videos give a pretty indepth look at the new batis and the photography blog gave the new batis a 4. I recently picked up this lens for my singapore wedding shoot. The batis autofocus lenses from zeiss were specially developed for sony emount interchangeable lens digital camera. Theres no question that the zeiss batis 40mm f2 c f is a welcome addition to the batis lineup. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Distortion the image distortion is a bit of mixed bag honestly speaking.

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