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Mcchesney talks about doodle tonguing and improvises a solo trombone piece. Always look for ways to improve and come up with a routine that works for you. He developed a technique by which he could play fast groupings of notes on the. This is a great bunch of flexibility, range building, chord and scale exercises that are not just majorminor. To get started right away, here are some basic exercises you can use to get a irst feel of doodle tongue. The goldman exercises for double and triple tonguing on. Contemporary strategies for fundamental development.

Trombone doodle tonguing part 14 digitaltrombone free download as pdf file. I use this books exercises nearly every day rather than the boring remington warmups. Quick slide no smeary garbage noises between notes. Jupiter knowledge base trombones and the art of doodling. One of the intended effects of utilizing anchor tonguing is that your tongue will be in a position which.

The focal point of the study is the extension and expansion of the available performance vocabulary for trombone, using a series of case studies, scores and existing. What actually starts the note is the lack of tongue, ie the removal of your tongue from the mouthpiece tip. Trombone basics use the online videos listed with each topic to help you at home. It is a technique that enables you to play fast lines much smoother than with double tongue this is not double tongue for brass players. Technical studies for trombone by bob mcchesney is a compilation of technical exercises, general playing tips, and pedagogical concepts for the tenor trombonist. Famous but tough dizzy gillespie doodle tonguing lick 3. By david wilken april 30, 2002 23 min read download a pdf of the exercises in this article.

Trombone doodle tonguing part 14 digitaltrombone scale. If you cant tongue quickly, the problems usually not in the horn. The goal here is primarily to stretch the breathing apparatus in order to prepare it for the days playing. It only takes about three minutes, and is to be done every day. As you practice over the summer, gradually increase the tempo, until you can perform the exercises at around 160 bpm. Exercise for trombone with fattachment, bass trombone, or tuba to assist with smoothness of transitions and evenness of sound in the trigger and pedal registers. So if there are any effective exercises to improve my speed to at least 120 bpm that would be great, thank you.

If you want to play jazz you need to know whats in this book as a good start. Get a book such as 240 double and triple tonguing exercises by v. Other instruments can play legato much more easily, but. Lip flexibilities for the advanced jazz trombonist. Often sited for his remarkable ability with doodle. Bob mcchesney doodle tonguing trombone wl1pym265jlj. The most common articulation problems i encounter are students who use too much tongue or too heavy of a tongue and students who clip the ends of notes off too abruptly. The book is ideal for students to professionals, whether focused on classical, jazz or commercial playing. No, nothing about doodle tonguing, but that doesnt matter. Expansion of technique abstract this work is a study of trombone techniques and how they have developed over the course of the twentieth century.

A silent tee is made when the tongue strikes the reed or roof of the mouth causing a slight breach in the air flow through the instrument. It is a technique for legato playing with built in swing phrasing. Thanks for the site and the lessons on doodle tonguing. Print and download in pdf or midi double tonguing exercises. I knew that it was possible to earn a living as a performer but i really didnt. Hey guys so i just wanted to know if there are any ways or exercises to improve single tonguing on trombone. Trombone exercises that will make you a great player. The book also offers a section of exercises and explanations of doodle tonguing, and addresses slide movement and the variable slide grip mcchesney uses for faster playing. One of best exercises i know for working on tonguing is the basic tonguing exercise a. Excellent as a daily practice manual and a lifelong resource, technical studies for trombone contains 55 pages, plus 9 pages of blank music manuscript for making notations.

This is a document introducing a unique articulation technique to trumpet players who perform jazz music. Daily concepts and fundamentals of trombone playing air makes buzz makes sound jonathan whitaker. Good lip flexibility, meaning the ability to change quickly and smoothly between pitches, is an essential ability for any trombonist. Fast tonguing, also known as double or triple tonguing, is based on the syllables taka or. Daily concepts and fundamentals of trombone playing air. To allow you to try out the doodle tonguing technique at the end of this workshop, i have prepared the song latin fun as an m4a file and a pdf, which you can download and play along to. A good way to fix the first problem is to think of articulation as a function of air flow. Included a 52 minute cd with demonstrations by the author.

Jazz trombone tonguing exercise 3 how to articulate on trombone. A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone. The first reason is because these chord progressions are so prevalent in jazz history. I first met bob mcchesney in when we were both part of paul ankas a prolific author and has penned the. The first thing to do is identify ones current tempo for the exercise. Doodle tonguing is the perfect weapon for jazz trombone players who want to play fast and smooth melody lines. Daily routines for trombone by emory remington transcribed by jimmy clark 1. I recommend beginning with transcriptions based on these chord progressions for two reasons. Fun as an m4a file and a pdf, which you can download and play along to. Doodle tonguing is a way that you can play really fast on the trombone, using a kind of articulation thats appropriate for jazz music, and in that way its different from double tonguing, different from triple tonguing, and its a technique thats great to have to play legato and swing feel. Thousands of copies have been downloaded and are used in countries throughout the world. The word articulation refers to the way wind players use their tongue or not as part of musical phrasing and the first thing im going to say about this may sound a bit odd. Articulation jiggs whighams jazz trombone duration.

Information of the doodle tongue technique was analyzed from various spectrums, including the history of the doodle tongue technique, the common instruments that use andor require doodle tonguing for particular musical situations, and the individual musicians that master this. If you are a trombone player with some interest in jazz, chances are great that you heard about doodle tonguing. Choose a tempo that you can play the six bars on one breath usually about. A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone, with demonstration and playalong cd. He showed me a video, and i started working it up, but never had the time to perfect it. Tonguing for jazz saxophone posted by mike lebrun on apr 9, 2014 in practice tips, sax last weekend i met up with a former student, who is now a good friend and has since shifted his focus away from saxophone toward his studies in biology at the university of chicago. Utilizing extended techniques to advance foundational trumpet methodology by cameron lee ghahremani a doctoral essay submitted to the faculty of the university of miami in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of musical arts coral gables, florida may 2016. Trombone sheet trombone doodle trombone bob mcchesney trombone arban trombone trombone trick watermelon man trombone hal leonard trombone trombone hal leonard ess. Once you have the basics in place, and feel comfortable playing with doodle tongue, it is time to work on speed and strength.

Through all of these years with the horn, i have never been abl. Provided there is already air pressure inside your mouth which. This routine should be preceded by breathing and mouthpiece buzzing exercises. Sound is the single most important aspect of trombone technique. Jazz trombone tonguing exercise 3 how to articulate on. That said there is nothing wrong tonguing with the tip, as some trumpet greats have used this, especially a great many jazz trumpeters like clark terry who specialise in doodle tonguing. Free trombone sound guide trombone exercises that will make you a great player trombone secrets bass clef play along book. The 12 bar blues, and the chord changes to i got rhythm are a very rich part of jazz improvisation heritage. Again, there should be no attempt to produce sound, simply maintain the air speed used before the mouthpiece was placed in the mouth. A problem associated with multiple tonguing is the production of the kee sound with the mouthpiece in the mouth. I was asked a while back from a fellow trumpet player that follows the site if i could show him a dizzy gillespie jazz lick andor trumpet trick. Tonguing is a technique used with wind instruments to enunciate different notes using the tongue on the reed or woodwind mouthpiece or brass mouthpiece. Internationally renowned trombonist bob mcchesney is a product of the baltimore, maryland public school music programs, and is primarily a selftaught virtuoso.

My fastest speed is 8892 bpm comfortably and it really bothers me. Super trombone, moonlight serenade video arts music, inc. Single tonguing exercise the following exercise is designed to improve all of the aspects of single tonguing in a very organized way. These are the 4 secrets that i have discovered from over 30 years of playing jazzfunklatin trombone. Heres a stepbystep simplification on the fast jazz trombone technique with a few exercises to get you started. I had a bit of a breakthrough recently while working on my doubletonguing, or doodletonguing, exercises. I printed off the basic exercises and cant wait to really begin daily putting them to good use. Trombonists can adapt and create exercises that explore other idiomatic jazz and contemporary techniques such as doodle tongue, turns example 5, multiphonics and againstthegrain playing. Vieux carre pdf from the trombone shorty album, say that to say this. With demostration cd bob mcchesney, richard fote on.

How to live well on the road an interview with trumpeter terell stafford by christopher davis in 2005, i graduated from college, not really understanding how i could have a music career outside of teaching in the classroom. Learning legato legato means changing notes with no break, in a singing, vocal style. These exercises are to serve as a means to develop the concepts presented in each section. If a more soft tone is desired, the syllable da as in double is preferred. It is designed to improve the basic tongue stroke on the reed sort of like adjusting the default setting on a computer program. The exercises are those that mcchesney uses for his own personal practice and shares with his private students. Practice the exercises a through e slowly at first, using the syllables teekeeteekee.

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